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Glance back at 2023 achievements, 2024 aspirations

The year 2023 has been an intense journey for Brussels By Night, marked by significant collaborations with valued individuals, entities, and institutions. The efforts and collaboration of our community have played a pivotal role in driving the success of BBN and achieving milestones throughout the year.

Updating our Harm reduction strategy

Our Harm Reduction Strategy underwent an update in 2023, marking a notable achievement for our organization. This comprehensive approach included the implementation of seven tailored training sessions designed specifically for clubs, collectives, and bars.

Through 43 outreach care team activities, we successfully established groups equipped with knowledge about sexual and gender-based Violence (SGBV), as well as various forms of violence, discrimination, and substance abuse, and trained them to address these issues effectively in festive settings.

A portion of these outreach efforts, comprising over half, were conducted in the 1000 Brussels area, encompassing festivals such as Listen Festival, Couleur Café, as well as bars and annual events like Museum Night Fever at Le Botnique. These initiatives enabled us to provide crucial assistance and ensure the safety of participants at these events.


Preserving Nightlife Heritage

In response to the closure of Fuse, the united efforts of nightlife actors and BBN, fueled by a petition boasting over 67,000 signatures, made history. On July 6th, clubbing officially earned its place as a recognized regional intangible heritage. This achievement stands as a testament to the cultural significance of the dance floor and is a resounding win for our vibrant nightlife community.


Nightlife Actors as Cultural Operators

BBN has actively and integratively engaged with institutional networks, contributing to Conseil Bruxellois de la Nuit sessions. We've established a robust collaboration with the city of Brussels on a global harm reduction strategy, participated in the Shifting Economy Week (invited by Hub Brussels), and attended various meetings focused on Cultural and Creative Industries. Noteworthy is our expansion of international networks through participation in significant events like Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), Europalia Georgia, Berlin Nights, and Phoqueoff Festival Quebec.


2024 aspirations

These accomplishments have paved the way for our ongoing pursuits. Looking ahead, we are fully engaged in realizing our next objectives, with a primary focus on empowering Brussels' nightlife: as political activity intensifies in anticipation of the upcoming election season, BBN is already in proactive mode, diligently formulating a robust set of recommendations and measures.

Our sustained efforts over the past weeks have been dedicated to strengthening the foundations of Brussels' dynamic festive scene.

Our commitment extends beyond merely preserving existing nightlife ; we are actively involved in nurturing new nightlife havens, advocating for more recreational spaces, addressing the fragility of employment within the sector and actively pursuing initiatives like the Agent Of Change, by crafting a memorandum in hopes of integrating it into the forthcoming revision of the planning policy laws.


Furthermore, as we enter the second year of refining BBN's harm reduction strategy, a significant development takes center stage. Brussels by Night announces her updated protocol for combating sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) is now accessible in French, English, and Dutch (see article). This comprehensive tool outlines preventive measures, intervention procedures, and available resources to address inappropriate, sexual, and discriminatory behavior in festive environments.



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