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City of Brussels and BBN launch an open call to organise open airs in 6 emblematic locations on August 31st.

Brussels by Night is delighted to announce a major event to be organised in collaboration with the City of Brussels, in the heart of the city on August 31st of this year.

6 iconic spots have been selected to enable the Brussels music scene to offer open air events that reflect its diversity and richness.

Place Poelaert, Vaux Hall, de Brouckère, Place d'Espagne, Congress and Allée du Kaai are the selected spots.

The project offers operators, promoters, collectives, structures, clubs and bars the chance to produce an open-air event that will showcase the diversity of Brussels' cultural and festive ecosystem.

Brussels by Night will be coordinating the project.

The organisational details are set out in the call for projects, which you can find here. To ensure neutrality in the selection of the projects that will be able to operate on the different sites, a jury made up of 6 independent structures will choose between the applicants.

The selection process is as follows:

- 18/04: call for projects sent out to the sector

- 14/05: final applications to be submitted

- 30/05: jury deliberates

- 3/06: result announcement

This day is also intended to reflect this ecosystem through the issues on which the sector works on a daily basis: 6 events defending the values of parity, inclusiveness, accessibility, reasonability, or initiatives concerning the safety and well-being of the public. It is up to the candidates to put in place the necessary initiatives in collaboration with all the players concerned.

Having been recognised as part of the region's intangible heritage, clubbing and partying as a whole are now taking significant steps forward in terms of recognition: this event is a further opportunity to fly the flag for the sector and offer a magnificent day out to people from Brussels and beyond.


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