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Brussels By Night unveils updated protocol for safer and inclusive nightlife

In a concerted effort to foster a safer and more inclusive nightlife environment, Brussels By Night (BBN) has dedicated countless hours to listening to industry experts and party attendees. The aim? To create spaces where everyone can enjoy their night without fear of judgment, discrimination, harassment, or abuse. This early 2024 marks the release of the latest version of the protocol, now available in French, English, and Dutch for all nightlife promoters and those who seek to implement one.

What purpose does it serve? 

This final version serves as a concrete toolkit and framework crafted to integrate into the strategies of bars, clubs, and festivals to fight all types of transgressive and violent behaviour. Developed by the harm reduction team, this protocol contains a comprehensive set of guidelines aimed at preventing, and when necessary, responding to sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) commonly witnessed in nightlife, or in festive settings in general.

How is this protocol structured?

It starts with an informative section that provides definitions and contextualization. This foundational knowledge equips individuals with a better understanding of SGBV, its various manifestations and its consequences.

The second part is dedicated to measures, designed mitigating the risk of SGBV. It includes general preventive actions to be implemented across various festive settings, by incorporating pre-production tasks, on-site actions,

and post-production strategies. The final part of the protocol, provides clear guidance on how to respond effectively when faced with instances of violence or harassment, whether the aggressor is an event attendee or a staff member.

Is the protocol the sole aspect to consider when organizing an event?

It's important to note that this protocol is not just about implementing practical tools; it's part of a broader initiative led by BBN and the City of Brussels. This initiative encompasses continuous awareness campaigns and structured training sessions dedicated to addressing gender-based and sexual violence as well as discrimination. While acknowledging that unforeseen situations may arise, the responses outlined in the protocol are designed to offer guidance and support within its framework.

BBN continue striving for a nightlife culture where safety, inclusivity, and respect are paramount. Whether you have questions, need clarification, or want to explore specific aspects of the protocol in more depth,please contact our Harm Reduction Manager.


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