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Harm Reduction: Nothing Without My Consent

The news of mid-October 2021, revealing complaints of sexual assault in certain establishments, brought back into the spotlight issues such as living together, respect for others, consent, as well as problems linked to drug use (legal and illegal), racism and the omnipresence of sexual and gender-based harassment and violence, both in public and private spaces. These events have given many victims a voice and visibility to their stories.

Brussels has launched a new campaign called "Rien Sans Mon Consentement" (Nothing Without My Consent) to raise awareness about sexual consent and promote respectful relationships. The campaign aims to empower residents to make informed choices about their sexual health and well-being and to promote a culture of mutual respect and consent in nightlife. The "Rien Sans Mon Consentement" campaign encourages open communication, respect for boundaries, and a better understanding of what consent means and how to obtain it. It also highlights the importance of respecting the decisions of others and the consequences of not doing so.

The initiative is part of a broader effort by the Brussels government to promote gender equality and combat gender-based violence. The campaign acknowledges the prevalence of sexual violence and harassment and seeks to create a safer and more respectful environment for all residents.

The actions of this plan will be implemented at the level of the City, the police zone, and the Brussels by Night Federation, through structural measures, victim support, mobility, as well as training for police personnel and establishments. In the streets, urban lighting and cameras will be reinforced at all hours of the night in the festive neighbourhoods. Inside, measures such as the creation of "Safer Zones" will be put in place. Mobility will also be strengthened with the implementation of a "safe taxi" code, in collaboration with Taxis bleus."

Overall, the "Rien Sans Mon Consentement" campaign represents an important effort to promote sexual health and well-being and combat gender-based violence in Brussels. By empowering residents to make informed choices and promoting a culture of mutual respect and consent, the campaign seeks to create a safer and more equitable society for all.

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